Naked lunching – Salad frustrations

lunch 3
I hate salad.

Don’t get the wrong idea… I love veggies and LOVE all kinds of leafy greens. But there is a right way to do salad and there is a very very WRONG way to do salad! When I say I hate salad I mean I hate the way salad is often served in restaurants.

One of my greatest frustrations is when restaurants don’t cater to vegetarians or vegans. I mean, just because I choose not to eat meat doesn’t mean I’m starving myself or that I want to eat a meal that is so small it wouldn’t even fill the belly of a small child. Just because I don’t eat meat doesn’t mean I don’t want to stuff my face with good food!!!!
Another frustration I have with salad is when it is SMOTHERED in oil. Some salads I’ve recieved have more oil on them than fried chicken. If I wanted deep fried food, I would have just gone to McDonalds! 

This makes me super hesitant to try new items on restaurant menus because I never know if the $20 salad I order is going to blow my mind or make me want to blow myself up because I just spent $20 on the same thing that is being used to decorate the plate of the $8 burger my friend ordered. This brings me to share with you the things I ask the waiter in order to determine whether a salad is a hit or a miss…

  1. Is it naked?  By this I am referring to amount of oil and dressing. Ask the waiter if the veggies in the salad are cooked in oil, and even what they’re dressed in. Be aware that you might be getting deep fried pumpkin chips instead of a healthy salad. I always ask for no extra oil to be drizzled on top. It just depends on what you like.
  2. How big is it? And I always ask how big it is in comparison to what my friend just ordered.
  3. Is it worth the price? The looks on their face will often tell you if they’d rather go hungry or waste $20 on a no-good salad. If they give it a thumbs down, it’s then I decide that it’s not worth getting a salad that day.

I ordered a salad this way the other day and it turned out to be awesome. It had pumpkin, beetroot, spinach, quinoa and walnuts and was fresh and vibrant. It pays to be the annoying customer who asks too many questions! I also got juice because, DUH.

lunch 3

lunch 4

Picture and content by Made Whole co


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