What am I doing every day in 2016?

I’m all about the mindset that setting too many unrealistic goals at the beginning of the year kinda sets you up to fail within a few days. I do believe that you should set goals all year round…


I’ve found, at least in my life, I have such a natural tendency to want to freshen up my routines and life around this time of year. I NEVER feel like I HAVE to sit down with a new set of stationary I got for Christmas and pin point my shortcomings from the previous year and brainstorm ways I can manipulate myself into getting my comfy butt out of bed and going to the gym. NO. Those resolutions don’t work.

I find that the magic of the Christmas season and the excitement about the year to come make me WANT to sit down and think about ways I can set myself up to be smarter, stronger, wiser, more dependable and more content in the year to come. Being with family in December inspires me to make more time for loved ones. Giving gifts around the Christmas tree reminds me that it is important to show people that you love them. These things inspire me and thus my new year’s resolutions are just very naturally born! (without the pain of labour)112

It’s true in most areas of life that you should make decisions from a place of strength and objectivity so that when you need to act on those decisions in a time of weakness, you don’t make a bad, emotion-filled decision. January is usually a time when most people feel refreshed and rested. This makes it the best time to make some objective decisions on behalf of your future self, who may be crying while stuffing their face with food, completely unable to make a logical, unbiased decision…Is that just me??

What I think is most important is that we don’t beat ourselves up if we don’t accomplish the goals we set straight away – every change takes time. I also think that goals should be revisited and re-evaluated… Who knows, maybe by July your resolution of getting up at 6am won’t be relevant any more because your routine has changed. Goals and resolutions shouldn’t be viewed as a pass or fail type scenario. How successful you are should depend on what you learned by setting them in place and working hard to reach them.

With that being said, here are 2 goals I have set for myself in 2016!

  1. Listen to a podcast EVERY DAY – Ok, “Every day” kind of goals are pretty risky… you have 365 chances to fall off the wagon. But podcasts are just so easy and you can listen to them while multitasking – in the shower, car, before bed, while doing your makeup or hair etc.
  2. Read 10 new non-fiction books – I want to learn as much as I can this year. About a variety of topics. Education is sexy (;
    I have started by reading #GIRLBOSS. I’d recommend this to ANYONE who is a girl (or even a guy) and wants to do more with their life than just work for the Man (and I mean the metaphorical Man, not men in general… just to be clear)
    If you’re interested, you can get #GIRLBOSS here … I promise it won’t disappoint. It even has pictures!

Please please please share with me your goals and resolutions! I’d love to hear them and even consider adopting them as my own.


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